October 07, 2016

Carne Griffiths Solo Exhibition at Lilford Gallery

Carne Griffiths Solo Exhibition - 21st -29th August 2016

The Lilford Gallery has recently shown a Solo Exhibition of Liverpudlian artist Carne Griffiths. Griffiths works with a mixture of inks, to create intricately latticed drawings, and then develops and pushed these drawings further by reworking them with liquids such as tea, vodka and brandy, which add more depth and freedom to his works.

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Originally having studied at what was then called Kent Institute of Art and Design (now known as the University for the Creative Arts), Griffiths graduated as an illustrator and went on to work for a further 12 years as a gold wire embroidery designer at Atelier Hand & Lock, before becoming the Creative Director. Lines can be drawn from this background and the intricacies with which he works, and the repeated patterns and rhythms that he draws with.

Detail of Griffiths' Virtual Reality Work

Griffiths’ content usually includes the figurative alongside flora and fauna, trying to demonstrate humankind's relationship with the natural world. His preferred medium of fountain pens, rather that drawing pens, and ink demonstrate a desire for freedom and chance whilst drawing. This works well with his desire to create dreamscapes and want to allow his audiences to delve into a form of escapism. His exhibition with the Lilford Gallery showed his drawings along side an interactive work that pushes the boundaries of escapism in art. The viewer is able to explore a 3D world produced by the artist himself through a headset. Not only was the

Giclee print on Hahnemuhle 310gsm German Etching Paper with Hand Torn Edges Giclee print on Hahnemuhle 310gsm German Etching Paper with Hand Torn Edges

work beautifully indicative of his own style, but further transported the viewer into his new dream-like world and was wholly absorptive.

His works are still on show and available at both Lilford Folkestone and Palace Street Galleries.


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