May 10, 2012

Christopher Farr Rugs

It is funny when you look at a design (in this case a rug design) and you are completely mistaken whilst guessing when the piece in question was designed.  Take this rug by Christopher Farr for example: take a guess as to when it was designed:

I had it at late 1950s at the earliest (although if it had been designed last week I would not have be overly surprised) but, in fact, it was designed in around 1913.  The vibrancy of the colours and the outlandish and unpredictable design are not something that I would associated with that time-frame.  I am also very fond of the purple option which has a real art-deco feel to it in my opinion:

This goes to show how so many artists are ahead of their time - perhaps that is ultimately how one defines genius ...

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