July 20, 2011

Classic minimalist Design

Sometimes certain words get a connotation unfairly attached to them.  The word 'minimalist' often evokes thoughts of an ultra modern Design that somewhat shuns traditional ideals.  This is a classic case of a belief being correct 90% of the time: in the Design below, one that we did in 2009, we can view a Design wherein 'classic' and minimalist' not only co-exist but also thrive together.

The key to good minimalist Design is that the Designer must ensure that they chose exceptionally good highlight pieces as, of course, such pieces will be particularly exposed.  Note the the 2 highlight pieces in this room: the chandelier is low hanging to gain it maximum exposure and the  pouf  is given an unconventional spot within the room to ensure increased visibility.

So, the next time someone says minimalist please keep in mind that there is more than one way to achieve the look!


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