March 22, 2011

Clever kitchen storage

This picture was cited by 'Design Sponge' due to its use of colours but I was interested in it for a rather different reason.  Let us address the colours first: before we contemplate moving even a stick of furniture into a client's house we create a 'mood' board.  A 'mood' board is meant to reflect the tone and the feel that a room will have; its character if you will.  It is standard practice to include colour samples on a mood board as they reflect the atmosphere that the room is attempting to create.  As you can see below, the colours that are used need not match or be connected in any way: each colour has a job to do in the overall Design.  Many times in Design the temptation is to go with colours that clearly work well in conjunction but sometimes a clash will create a look that could not be achieved by simply employing colours from the same/similar palate.

With regard to the storage, it is interesting how this kitchen has been Designed to include storage overhead in what would otherwise be dead space.  This, in my eyes, does not serve the lower the ceiling height but instead to create a 'levels' affect in the kitchen (the likes of which, on a grander scale, have been used in the Southbank Centre).  There are many items within a kitchen that one only uses on occasion and it can be very pricey (and often impractical) to accommodate all such pieces within cupboards - this alternative is pleasing on the eye and adds another level of intrigue to the kitchen Design.

Credit: Design Sponge

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