May 12, 2011

Colour schemes - Dark and Devious

Every colour scheme for a client is very different, they each represent the client themselves rather than our set 'design scheme'.  So we are always looking for new ways to be able to show how a finished room can emerge from the most abstract of inspiration.

Take this from for example from Lonny Magazine

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


The products are easy to pick out, however the inspiration behind it can often be a mystery. Here are a few images that I think could have inspired this elegant dark bathroom.

The elegance of black and white could very easily inspire the colour scheme of the this room, also the white glow of the lights is very important to the room above which is also a highlight in the picture below.

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


The gorgeous colours of the photo below as well as the modern elegance and touches of silver (see those gorgeous shoes!?) Could help to inspire the room above

Source: le blog de mimi via Kia on Pinterest


Although there aren't any stripes in this room the relationship between black and white is extremely important and proportions of black to white has to be carefully thought about.

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


I hope this has helped you to get a glimpse in to how even the most abstract of images can inspire a very different and unique room design.

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