May 05, 2017

Contemporary Temples For Your Home

Shrines are an integral and necessary part of many households. They are a place of respect and adoration, and so should not be left by the sideline when considering the beautiful new design of your home. However, sometimes shrines can feel a little disjointed from the rest of your home, whether it be due to the style of the main pieces of your shrine or just the overall feel. It can be difficult to integrate them into the rest of your design, and make them as seamlessly part of your home as they should be.

There are many different ways of creating beautifully designated areas that are perfect for shrines, whilst not feeling completely separated from your home. This can achieved by bringing aspects, such as the colour scheme through from the rest of your home, or similarly by using complementary textures. You can also use furniture styles specific to your design, to make a shrine feel as beautifully designed as the rest rest of your home.

You can zone the area of your shrine by using subtle (or even bold, depending on your preference) paint contrasts, to give it a specific place of worship and reflection. This allows a space for the shrines to be separate from them rest of your home, whilst still tying it in with the rest of its design. A great way to create this designated space with colour is by creating a feature wall, by using something like a beautifully patterned wall covering, or perhaps wall stencils.

We have recently used intricate and delicate stencils to zone an area specifically for our clients shrine. The colours beautifully tie in with the colour scheme of the rest of the design, which means that although it definitely has its own space, it doesn't stick out and jar with the rest of its surroundings.

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We also used furniture to integrate the shrine further into the scheme. By using contemporary furniture and styled pieces. We have installed a floating unit, great for extra storage for those bits that do not alway need to be on show, and a couple of beautiful shelves from West Elm, both bring a more contemporary feel to the space. This makes them an integral and necessary part of the overall design.

Using Furniture to integrate Shrine into rest of design

Images of the completed project will be available to view on our portfolio page in the next coming weeks.

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