June 06, 2011

Creating A Bespoke Rug - An Art!

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So it looks like the overwhelming response to the rug Charlie showed you all last week was a good one, so today I am going to talk you through part of the process of how we would pick a gorgeous rug like this for one of our interior design clients.

First of all this gorgeous rug was originally designed by Riviere Rugs they do some of the most gorgeous rug designs, all their products are completely original - the wool is dyed for that rug and will never be able to exactly match to another.  This is one of the qualities that makes these rugs so special - however it does come with a high price and also with a long wait.

Here is the design that we originally saw

As you can see it is very pretty but doesn't quite have the WOW factor we were looking for!


Now we're getting somewhere - as you can see the choice is endless when it comes to colours. However, we very quickly narrowed it all down.


These were more what we were looking for! A bit of colour, and (since we were doing one of the blossom's colour in silk) a little bit of sparkle too!  Next comes the artwork (the grey didn't show up very well on this)

rug artwork

Then the big moment of truth when it was unrolled at the show room.... would we hate it and wish we had never ordered it? Would the client burst in to tears? No neither of these happened but if there were tears I am sure they would have been of joy as this rug is truly breathtaking


So there it is - an inside peek in to creating a bespoke rug for a client - would you be able to be so bold?

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