November 29, 2016

Creating a Gender Neutral Children's Room

We often get asked to do children's rooms and we love them - they are so exciting. Not just because we get to be excited over cuddly toys again but because we get to create a space that children open their eyes in each and every morning. We feel that is a pretty special job and we take it very seriously. That's why we don't want to limit those little gorgeous eyes to only one colour, we want to create Gender Neutral Children's Room.

Children's rooms do not need to be blue or pink, they can be any colour in the rainbow - or the whole rainbow. Before your child can make their own decisions on what colours they are most drawn to it is nice to be able to give them a lot of choice and an open book. This doesn't mean that you have to go bland - anything but - it means that you can switch things up and break those stereotypes.  Blue isn't always for a boys room and pink isn't always for girls. Let's mix things up and give you a few options for those amazing gender neutral rooms that are going to inspire your little ones to interact with colour in a much more healthy way. These are a few themes that are a great starting space for any childrens room.

We have mostly focused on accessories as they are a good place to introduce different elements and easy to update if your little boy decides he wants a little more princess in his room or your little girl wants to explore space from her bed each night. Oh, and most of these are from small individual creators.

Everything from Magical, Pirates, and superheroes...let's get excited







Fun and Funky






Don't want any kind of theme? Amazing, we've got you covered with all the patterns and pieces that aren't themed...well not too much anyway.


This is by no means and exhaustive list but they are great places to start. Let's help create some open minded and amazing little people who are used to seeing all kinds of people who aren't limited by the colour people strangely asign to their gender. Which ones do you love the most?

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