September 07, 2011

Creating Rugs - A personal passion

One of the favourite parts of projects is being able to design items that are completely unique to each client - something that will not only be a talking point with their friends, a family heirloom but also something that is completely unique to them - hand crafted with only them as the target audience.  For me there is always something special that can be done with flooring - especially with rugs... for me they are a passion that I can't help wanting to sit down and draw out over and over again!  As you will remember from here and here!

Each rug is requires us to perfectly match together each individual part so that the rug pulls together the design of the over all room.

This means that we have to narrow everything down from the images above in to the image below!  You would think that this may take hours of deliberations and decision however when you have a vision in mind (which I always do) it actually comes very naturally.

Later this week we will be unveiling some gorgeous pictures of a rug we specially designed for a clients bedroom, that not only adds colour but has a very unique texture!


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