September 06, 2016

Creating A Tile Pattern

Design needs to be immensely functional and this is especially true when you are in a vulnerable position - such as naked after a shower! We've all had that moment where you step into the shower and the doorbell goes or the phone rings. You often at this moment feel both annoyed and exposed, obviously the person on the other side of your front door doesn't know that you're naked but you instantly become aware of how quickly (or slowly) you can get yourself to a presentable state - whether that be a little more dry or completely fully dressed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.51.26 Layout set for a new ensuite, everything is within easy reach

You wouldn't think that this extremely personal and vulnerable position has anything to do with tile patterns but you would be wrong. Bathrooms should be designed with the end users in mind and this doesn't end at where the toilet is positioned or whether to put a douche spray in.  Once the functions are decided we want to make sure that the user's attention is pulled around the room to the parts of the design that are most interesting or of most significance.

While working on a recent project we found this particularly useful. Once the design was set we needed to make sure that people's attention in the room was going to be drawn towards the part of the design that we most wanted. For this design it was important to blend the old and the new. The house has a good mix of both but tends to lean towards the more traditional for the most part. For this reason we opted to go with metro tiles that had a crackled feel to them, we had quite a few muted tones to choose from.

Tough colour choices for a family bathroom we are working on #interiors #interiordesign #inspiration #tiles

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These tiles were the perfect addition to this bathroom design but it was going to be the tiles pattern that really set them apart.  We needed to look at where we wanted the tiles to sit in the

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.51.31 Elevations of the bathroom

So how does someone ringing the bell while we're in the shower have any bearing on the tile pattern? Well, when you are in a rush you aren't always the most careful and we need to make sure the room and withstand the whirlwind of rushing that this can cause.  We need to make sure that the areas that you may splash quickly when rushing are tiled so that they don't damage easily and any other areas that might get an incidental splashing aren't going to be damaged in the process.

Tile Pattern Tile Pattern

The final tile pattern does just that and we can't wait to share the finished images with you!

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