March 02, 2011

Designing a bar 'Part 3': The mood

So you've got your theme and it fits into the budget but you still have a blank space to fill (albeit with a few amazing ideas provided by your Designer!).  Before I get into the specifics of the furniture I like to consider the 'mood' of the room - what do I mean by that?  Imagine that you have a motorcycle themed bar - ideally the premises would be downstairs and without natural light to give it that seedy but cool 1980s feel.  That would be too easy - sometimes the premises that fits your budget and that is in the correct area is a bar blessed with an abundance of natural light.  If this were the case one can still change the 'mood' of the premises.

The mood of any given room is often dictated by its colour: colours, with regard to wall paints, can be very deceptive so it is advisable to put up a number of colours to see which one captures the mood of your bar.  It is important to be creative in this process and realise that dark colours which may not be suitable for home use can come into their own in a bar.  People drink at bars, instead of at home, for a number of reasons one of which is escapism.  If you can create a mood within your bar that cannot be found in the average home you will have made a good start!  Also, don't submit to the idea that light colours 'open up a room' - again, this is not a home; a bar is a statement and should reflect the mentality of the customers that you hope to attract.  If the 'mood' of your bar is safe and down the middle then you can't expect scenes like this:

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