March 04, 2011

Designing a Bar 'Part 5': Furniture

I don't know what your theme for a bar would be, nor do I know the budget, mood or layout that you might go for BUT what I do know is that if you make all of the above decisions before choosing your furniture you will increase your chances of creating an amazing bar.  Why is this one might ask?  Imagine you are opening a bar and you start looking for furniture: you will end up with a number of very cool pieces that do not compliment each other and that do not 'say' anything.  Just as it is a good idea to formulate an idea before starting a sentence, one must know what they are trying to achieve before shopping for items.

In my opinion this is the biggest mistake that people make - the Design equivalent of putting the cart in front of the horse.  You NEED to know what the aim is before buying furniture for your bar: 'yes', that is a nice sofa but 'no' it won't fit into this Design.  If anyone has any ideas regarding what theme and Design they might go for if they were to create a bar from scratch I would love to hear - in the meantime here is a chandelier that may or may not fit into a motorcycle themed bar!

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