March 28, 2011

Designing a Coffee house: Part 1

I suspect that, even as computers take over the world, there will always be a place for the humble coffee house.  In Islington they are popping up all over the place: some last for a matter of months, some are always so busy that one cannot ever find a seat.  It is true that the location of a coffee house has a lot to do with its success (or lack thereof) but there are also a number of other small issues that come into play.  Today we will be exploring the 1st of such issues, namely: showing what you are selling.

With some pubs and bars there is a novelty regarding walking down into a basement wherein the outside world can be forgotten; with coffee houses different rules apply.  It is vital for a coffee house to present the goodies that it offers in such a way that will entice outsiders.  The Euphorium Bakeries in Islington, for example, are glass fronted (and in one case is on a corner allowing potential customers a comprehensive view of their Interior).

We have been involved with clients in the past who have wanted to open a coffee house and in such cases it is always advisable to get an Interior Designer on board as early as possible to ensure that you chose a property that allows you to showcase what goes on inside.  The air of mystery works well with bars and clubs but when it comes to coffee people like to know what they are getting!

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