March 29, 2011

Designing a Coffee House: Part 2

Yesterday I spoke about how vital it is, especially with large or commercial projects, to get an Interior Designer on board at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure that they can help to advise you regarding which property may suit your purpose.  Today I am going to consider one of the main Design mistakes that I notice with regard to Coffee houses: the incorrect display of foodstuff.

Some Coffee houses do fantastic coffee to the extent that you would go there even if they had no cakes.  In New Orleans I visited a Coffee house on Magazine street that did the absolute best coffee but the fact is that most establishments use the same coffee machines that make the same coffee: such places that don't have Grandma's secret recipe need to display their cakes in order to illustrate to customers WHY they should visit THEIR outlet.

One thing that the Euphorium Bakery does very well is that has customers queuing alongside the refrigerated glassed cabinets: therefore, while queuing, the customers are gazing at the cakes thinking 'that looks nice; so does that - I'll have to try that one time'.  Once customers are in an establishment thinking about what they will order on their next visit you are onto a winner!

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