March 30, 2011

Designing a Coffee House: Part 3

One of the big problems that one is faced with when Designing a Coffee House is:

Comfort vs. Economy

On one side of the ring we have 'comfort' - big, soft chairs that you can curl up on and read for a couple of hours.  The issue with such chairs is that they take up an incredible amount of space.

On the other side of the ring you have the type of chairs that serve a purpose but that don't offer an excess of comfort.  Such chairs enable owners to fit in far more customers and therefore allow them to make more money.

I would suggest a compromise in such a situation: perhaps one could create a designated area which would have the large comfy chairs: customers may come in to see if those chairs are 'free' and if not there will be so enticed by the cakes that they will settle for the wooden perch.  You can see how this idea links in to the one mentioned yesterday insofar as if you display you goodies in the best possible way you will be able to 'keep' any customer that enters even if there are not lucky enough to receive a comfortable chair!

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