April 01, 2011

Designing a Coffee House: Part 5

Just to remind you to make sure you get someone with a good April's Fools prank today!

In the final installment of the 'Coffee House' series I want to talk about a final error that can be very easily made when Designing a Coffee House.  Whenever food and drink are being served (and especially when one has a high turnover of customers) it is ever so necessary to ensure that one has enough staff to clear up.  People are not impressed by having to sit at crumb littered tables and if this happens a couple of times in a row they will soon be looking for alternatives.

Obviously employing the correct number of staff helps to eradicate this problem but in order to have a certain number of staff the Design needs to give the staff enough room to operate.  As an owner it is tempting to maximise the space for customers and leave barely any room for the staff who are serving on the other side of the counter.  This can be a kiss of death in the catering world as staff working in a confined area become unhappy and will no longer serve customers with a smile.  When Designing a Coffee house ensure that you leave the correct amount of space that will allow an optimum level of service to flourish!


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