September 13, 2016

Blue is the Hue - Dulux Colours Trends at Colour Futures 2017

If you're looking for a simple, but on trend way to revamp your home Dulux’s colour futures will provide you with some great inspiration! Kia Designs was fortunate enough to attend the release of the Dulux Colour of the Year 2017, where they announced what colour trends are to be desired in the new year, and we loved them all!

The Dulux team has put together a collection that encapsulates our current moment in time, what they title as ‘life in a new light’, a feeling of freshness and simplicity of the ordinary everyday that everyone can relate to. These simple but significant things that makes life special and extraordinary.

And the staple of that collection and the Colour of the Year… (drumroll please)

DENIM DRIFT! Yes, like the staple of all our wardrobes, Denim Drift, a dusty grey-blue, is to be the sort after colour of 2017. And like Denim itself, its timeless, simplistic and versatile, everything you need when restyling your home!

Blue is the Hue Blue is the Hue

Crushed Denim used to form a beautiful new material Crushed Denim used to form a beautiful new material


And with this beauty, Dulux presented four different colour stories, which are again stories of our present time in society. So whether you're a workaholic and want you home to be an adaptable Working Home, or whether you're after more peaceful haven, or you want a playful but sophisticated space, these four colour stories will give you something you can really grasp and make your own.

New Romanticism

If you're keen to bring yourself and your home back to nature in this world of technology, then Dulux’s New Romanticism Collection is perfect. With its mossy greens a dusky lilacs, this paint palette can be used easily and effectively to create an effortless bohemian feel, perfect for promoting that calming idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of the outside world in your very own home. (Keep an eye out next week for an expanded feature of the New Romanticism Collection, including house plants, info on one of our new projects and more!)

New Romanticism Palette New Romanticism Palette

Add life to the boho feel of your home Add life to the boho feel of your home

New Romanticism New Romanticism

Working Home

If you love the technological world then the Working Home Collection is probably more to your liking. In a world where anywhere can be your office with the help of laptops and online systems, the need for our homes to become ever more adaptable as working environments is paramount. This palette includes pops of mustard and deep reds, which can be used to zone areas in your home, allowing for dedicated work areas in even the smallest of properties!

Working Home Palette Working Home Palette

Use blocks of colour to creating working zones n your home Use blocks of colour to creating working zones n your home

Shared Individualism

In a world of every more diversity and an expanding mix of demographics, the Shared Individualism Collection is routed in a way of expressing your individual style, but at the same time doing so in a way that can bring everyone in your home together. Whether your fledglings have flown back to the nest or you want to make you home a place where friends and family can enjoy equally, this is the palette for you. With highlights of bright corals and yellows, this collection give can add a bold, playful but sophisticated appeal to your home.

Shared Individualism Palette Shared Individualism Palette

Colour can be used in a fun but sophisticated way! Colour can be used in a fun but sophisticated way!

Considered Luxury

Buy less, choose well and make it last. If you enjoy the simple things and a fresh look without all that clutter then you'll love the Considered Luxury Collection. Aimed to provide an effortless and modest luxury, this collection includes soft neutrals that can subtly change a space for a simple and beautiful experience.

Considered Luxury Palette Considered Luxury Palette

Pared back beauty Pared back beauty

Considered Luxury Considered Luxury

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