September 19, 2011

Everyone likes a bargain now and then!

It is true that we are very enthusiastic here at Kia Designs when it comes to high quality furniture.  There is a reason why your Great Grandma's chair still adorns your parent's living room whereas many pieces of furniture these days can wilt rather quickly if they are not of a sufficient quality.  The old saying 'you get what you pay for' strikes particularly clearly with regard to furniture but as long as you are aware of the type of furniture that you are buying there is no issue.

The below chair, for example, can be bought for £169 (if bought at the times when a special offer is on) which is incredibly reasonable for an armchair.  One can assume, given the price tag, that it will not last as well as a more expensive alternative but if you are looking for a piece that will not be used regularly (in a hallway for example) this type of chair might be entirely suitable (also, is it just me or is this chair really funky)?

Check it out here



Source: via Kia on Pinterest

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