September 14, 2016

Extraordinary Bathroom Makeover

Sometimes you look at a bathroom makeover and you realise how extraordinary it was. How large the luxury interior design scheme was and how much this extraordinary bathroom makeover will change the life of the clients who will be moving into it. This is one of those makeovers, you wouldn't look at this bathroom and think 'luxury' but that's what it became.

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This bathroom needed a lot of work to remodel it and it went through various layouts before we found the one that combined the limitations of the space, property and the dreams of the client.  This bathroom is an ensuite and will need to be used by many different family members who are at varied ages. For younger children the space is great, the seating that is built in to the shower allows them a space to sit if needed and the combination of overhead shower and hand shower gives many options.


For older guests or as the client ages, a key in the timeline and longevity of the project, the large shower area also works and provides the added comfort of seating that is still luxurious without resorting to more standard and less slightly alternatives. A big part of this design was also that the clients are a Muslim family and providing a warm and inviting space where they could easily ready themselves for prayers was imperative.

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The art feature at the back of the shower is actually Onyx that was brought in from Mexico, it has been back lit so that it almost seems as if it were molten and provides a wonderful organic movement to the overall design. As this was created as a feature we specified a must more muted and pared down marble to accompany it. For ease of cleaning and longevity we selected a porcelain tile over its marble counterpart, it has the same design without the downsides over maintenance.

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