August 22, 2011

Flooring For A Modern Apartment

One of the most under appreciated aspects of Interior Design is flooring. In general people would far rather spend money on something more glamorous than that which simply lies beneath one's feet! Not only is flooring not seen to be as exciting as a beautiful new sofa, but it is also very expensive to buy and install: indeed, when I first walked into a project that we are currently working on in Putney Bridge my initial thoughts were: 'A wooden floor that looks amazing and doesn't need to be changed - a rare luxury!'

Three things to remember when picking flooring


Go for something tonal - it will last longer and will hide scuffs far better. This means something that has some depth to it rather than a single block colour.


Try and think about the colour of the flooring in relation to the furniture within the room. If you are interested in large rugs the colour of a wood flooring below it may be needed to highlight that. Want light rugs? Go with a dark floor to highlight it.

Don't Cheap Out

Do not try and save money on installation. It is worth getting the experts in on this one. They are worth every penny and can make even the most mediocre flooring look fabulous.


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