July 20, 2016

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A Kia Designed home works for you

Congratulations to you on buying your new home! You must be really excited to move into your new abode. But before that, you need to decorate it appropriately. While you have a vision of your stunningly designed home, you need an excellent creative mind and professional assistance to transform that vision. This is where Kia Designs can help you. As one of the esteemed home design companies in the UK, Kia Designs can offer stunning home design services fulfilling your expectations and within your budget.

Kia Designs works Kia Design can transform your new purchase into your perfect home

We Present to You the Best Blend of Originality and Dedication

Whether it is a town house, holiday home or an individual home, Kia Stanford, the Creative Director and Head Interior Designer at Kia Designs is gifted with a brilliant creative instinct for designing wonderful and comfortable homes. Together with a sharp eye for detail, she masters in offering home design services within a specified budget and time-span.

She has a team of professional interior designers, each of them skilled in recent trends in style, colour and texture. Every professional in her team possesses a strong understanding of layout and lighting design. Your home will be decorated with an appropriate combination of creativity and constructiveness.

Home Design Gets Redefined with Kia Designs

Kia Designs has reinvented the standard of home design. With a completely customised approach, we set off with the design process keeping in mind your requirements and expectations about your perfect home. Kia Stanford will personally pilot your home design project, right from the initial consultation. You can have the peace of mind that your living space will exude luxury, comfort and the modern home decor trends with your vision.

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