August 10, 2016

House Interior Design

House Interior Design doesn't always just mean looking at a project once it's finished, for this house Interior Design we worked with the client from the final plans through the build to the finished product.  This client's story is a fascinating one and something that we hear more and more often with the changing way we use our homes.

Oakdean - House Build

Having always dreamed of building his own home, Duncan finally got the chance when looking at redesigning his home in Oakdean.  Having lived in many different cities around the world each trip back home highlighted more problems with the layout of the property, it simply didn't work in its current form and any of the extension prospects didn't fix the layout problems. The property had already been extended in the 70s and another small extension in the 90s - neither of which were working for how their family now used the property.

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They needed something different, something innovative and new - but they didn't want to move. The area still had a lot to offer them. So they were stuck with a dilemma, properties didn't come up for sale in the area very often and when they did they had a lot of the same problems Duncan and his family were struggling with. They started looking in to the prospect of designing and building their own home and never looked back.

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Even with the right architect and house builder the process of getting a new home through planning permission is a long one. There were many revisions and in total the planning process took 3 years and the build another year. However, the result is a home that not only works for the family but also is much better placed within the local landscape, that had changed significantly since the original house build.

Every part of the plot is used well and the house now works perfectly for them.  To check out the finished result click here

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