May 19, 2017

How Do You Like Those Architraves??

With the rise of the minimal and scandi style living, the want for a more parred back and simplistic home has also become more apparent. Architraves, cornicing and skirting boards can look beautiful in the right property. We have recently installed some beautiful grape cornicing in a period property in Regents Park. Due to the age of the building and the more traditional redesign the new cornicing looks and and really brings the design together. You can view this project in our portfolio by clicking here.

Traditional Grape Cornicing

However, although elaborate cornicing and elegant architraves can look great in some properties, in others they can really jar and distract from the desired design's look and feel.

There are some suppliers that can provide a beautifully simple alternative to elaborate architraves, mainly not having any at all! Argenta Opening Doors provide Invisidoors, which have a number of ways of producing a clean-lined, minimal effect.

They use interior aluminium door frames that can come in any RAL colour and can be installed both before or after plastering. This means that there is no need for architraves and a visible door frame and give a beautiful uninterrupted minimal look, perfect for a minimalist or scandi design.

Argenta Invisidoor


They can also install the doors hinges in such a way that they are no longer visible, and so do not distract the eye no matter what side you are on. Argenta have a patented pivot hinge design. As you can see from the image below, the pivot hinges are installed in the interior of the door, which is then concealed with the outer skin of the door. This gives an even more streamlined look to the door and has the added function of opening from both directions.

Argenta Patented Technology

Minimal Skirting can also be installed to add a further element of clean minimalism to the design. We have a number of projects coming up that need that clean cut finish, stay tuned to see their stunning outcomes.

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