January 21, 2016

How Long Does a Design Project Take?

Estimating how long your interior design pricing project can be so difficult to do if you have never tackled a large scale building project before. Having tackled over 100 projects throughout the years we are always able to offer you years of knowledge.

Take a look at this email we recently received:

how long will it take? Interior Design Time Scales

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"If we completed a purchase by, say, the end of February, would it be possible to have it renovated by the end of June, or is that too optimistic?  I understand it's hard to gauge that without knowing how much work there is to be done, but it will inform our buying decision.  Any thoughts you have on how long it will take would be appreciated."


With minimal information we are only able to give a very basic outline of what you could expect from a project and how long it will take.  A dilapidated house will hold huge potential but can have a much longer lead time where as a project where the property has been looked after but is just outdated could require less time. This was the rough break down that we gave, it gives you a little insight in to how things work here at Kia Designs when we look at take on Interior Design projects.

"Thank you for contacting us and your kind words about our designs. In regards to your question it does depend a lot on the exact property and what we would be looking to do.  These time lines give you a rough idea 

Sign contract and Design inspiration meeting : Day 1

First design meeting: Week 3-4 

Application for building consent: Week 4 (if this is not needed it will bring down the time needed by 4-8 weeks)

Consent given: Week 8-12

Building works (this is a BIG estimate on my part as it depends on the design and state of the property): 8-14 weeks

Installation of all furniture: Week 16-26 (as you can see the time line could  work as its anywhere between 4 - 6.5months

I would usually err on the side of caution as building consent whether needed from a freehold or the local council can add even more time on.  This would also require a perfect running of both the design, decision making on your part and the building works which can happen but there are usually a few bumps in the road. 

I know this is a huge estimate and it doesn’t help you much however, once you have a property we would look to hit the ground running but I would say that June if you purchase in Feb is probably a bit of a stretch."

Would you have thought that time scale would work?  You can contact us regarding your interior design project and we will be happy to go through an initial consultation for your home.

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