August 03, 2011

How we take our inspiration from nature

Whenever you are in any kind of creative field it is vital to take inspiration from wherever you can get it.  The more open the mind is to the beauty of nature the easier it is to exploit such beauty and allow it to transcend into your Designs.  Earlier in the week a client showed me a picture that inspired them:

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


Upon seeing the picture it just felt familiar although I couldn't quite put my finger on why: then, just yesterday I remembered how much it resembled a rug that we used with a client a few years back.  It is true that the tones are not identical but this is just an example of how nature can inspire one to not necessarily replicate, but to allow natural beauty to guide and influence interior Design.

What do you think of the rug design? This is one of Kia's favourites!

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