June 27, 2011

Ice Drops In June


I was recently in the 'Wired' Custom Lighting showroom at Chelsea looking for a very special bespoke chandelier. 

For this particular project we decided to spend a large proportion of the budget on a single item - the logic behind such thinking is that if the item in question becomes a centrepiece it will come to define the house in a way that no amount of smaller items ever could. 


This chandelier would indeed be a centrepiece, not just because of its stunning Design but also because of its sheer size: 7 meters in length!


The reason for it being such a lengthy chandelier is due to its placement in a stairwell:


The great thing about using a chandelier in a stairwell is that it can often be seen from multiple vantage points (such as landings throughout the house).  In this case we wanted to create something quite magical that would have 'another-worldliness' and dream-like quality that would leave an impression on every visitor - this picture helped fuel our inspiration:



We found the product that we were looking for in the 'Wired' custom lighting showroom: the below picture shows an example of the piece at just over 2 meters in length - when it is 7 meters in length and dissects the entire home it will be a feature that will define this already elegant and beautiful home.



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