April 26, 2012

Images that are inspiring me

Yay today is my birthday!! So I thought I would be completely selfish and just talk about me... okay well maybe not about me exactly but about interiors that are inspiring me!

Okay, so here is the thing, when ever you are really deep in to something it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees.  For me I can find hundreds of inspirational pieces of architecture that I look at and just swoon over, however as soon as we get inside I am very often disappointed - sometimes I even get downright mad about how little the interiors have been thought of.  So today I am taking a page out of the glass half full approach and have decided to show you some interior designs that I absolutely love.

First up a bit of summer love - I just can't help wishing summer was here already and this home in Australia is the essence of summer.[via Freshome]


I adore mezzanie's and double height ceilings so this design had me at hello. [via contemporist]

There is something about the understated glam in this photo that I just love even though I know that I would have never designed that island unit like that I still feel that it works [via Eye Spy]


 Another dark and devious room (are we noticing a theme?) [via Contemporist]


Everything gets a lot brighter and a bit more Scandinavian in this next picture.  The main things that drew me to this image were the statement light and the gorgeous warm colours, I also love the texture of that dining table! [via Contemporist]

 And last but by no means least is this amazing dining area... yes again with the statement lighting and I think the mirror wall is just amazing! [via Contemporist]

So there we have it, a few of the images that just make me smile at the moment!

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