September 22, 2016

Inside A Knightsbridge Bedroom Design

Designs can come for the most humble of beginnings, if I told you that this extremely simple drawing became one of the most lavish and beautiful bedroom designs we have had the pleasure of working on you might not believe me.


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When we initially sketch out a design, such as this Knightsbridge bedroom, we are mainly looking at getting the focus and proportions of the room correct. We knew we were going to be using wide doors for the whole of the property (90cm) and so we needed the bed area to be able to hold it's own.


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We did this by using a super king size bed in this luxury home in Knightsbridge. The 2 meter width was easily contained in the room and still left a large amount of space for the dressing areas on both side of the bed. The width of the bed was also a balancing weight to the 2 meter high headboard that we specified. The mix of colours and textures draws your eye without dominating.


Knightsbridge Interior Design -Master Bedroom Walkin


The chairs that make up what we had previously envisioned as a bench really help to finish off the design, the fabric was completely worth the amount of pain it took to get hold of it! (It's all still too raw but maybe we will go into it sometime)


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