September 15, 2011

Inspiration from the International Photography Awards

I can't help it I am a sucker for history (it is what my degree is in after all) I just love the style of these photographs - they capture the present as a piece of history, it makes us re-look at the world around us and look at everything with fresh eyes.

Entry Title: " New York"
Hojin Yun
, United States
Category: Non-Professional, Cityscapes

Entry Description: My work has been inspired by the American realist movement in painting. This movement, best known for works portraying scenes of daily life in New York’s neighborhoods came into prominence in the United States during the beginning of the twentieth century. Works from this time period are associated with feelings of isolation-due in part to the Great Depression. My work aims to explore the same feeling of a general seclusion, as I perceive it in my time. I try to romanticize the cityscape in a style similar to that of Neo-Romanticism. I photograph my subject following my intuition, which often results in an image longing for the past as well as an idealized illuminated landscape. I express these emotions though a pictorialist lens, focusing on movement as well as the importance of light and shadow. I see myself in these buildings. They exist within this city-yet they do not quite seem to belong. I myself feel an outsider here-perhaps as a result of my cultural differences, a language barrier-but I believe this sense of detachment is within all those who reside in this lonely city. It is teeming with life, yet I only sense emptiness.

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