March 10, 2017

Inspirational Working Space

When designing studies there are often a lot of things to think about. Many studies are often used as overflow spaces for extra guests so need an alternative sleeping arrangement which often means that there needs to be a lot of storage to make sure any more sensitive data can be easily hidden away whilst also being easy to retrieve once guests have departed.  However, all of these studies are a wonderful indulgence away from that. They are for clients who find themselves working from home more often than not and who need a space that works hard for them. It needs to inspire whilst being extremely practical.

This first study includes a combination of premade doors with bespoke carpentry, we have used a gorgeous tone of blue to provide calm and tranquil feel to the room.


20161205-WorpleRoad-127 Hard working relaxed study

Blue is often a colour that gets utilised in studies, because it provides a peaceful and stylish colour scheme that also doesn't provide too much of a glare or distraction whilst working. Brighter colours such as oranges or lime greens can be difficult to work in on an everyday basis.


20160623 Office-053 Inspiration working space


This luxurious study that we recently created has been likened to the Godfather by many guests. It most certainly has an imposing and grandiose feeling to it. A place where many big decisions are made and you can imagine that the person who sits behind the desk holds a wonderful amount of not only sway but respect.

Whilst the wallcovering brings in soft colours that creates a soothing feeling and makes the room feel a little more measured, the panelling provides a very traditional feel and is perfectly balanced with sleek lighting and desk chair. The window seating was a custom fabrication and allows a space for client contemplation in this inspirational working space.


Knightsbridge Interior Design - Study Desk Grandiose Panelled Study

Which one is your favourite?

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