April 14, 2011

Inspired by colour

As I am sure many of you on twitter will know I am simply mad about pinterest. I love being able to collect together items that not only inspire me but also collect together some of the beautiful products I would love to be able to use in future projects.  For me I love using colour, it adds so much to a room - whether it be a simple bright blast of it in a chair or piece of art or walls painted in a colour so gorgeous you wish you could eat it!  At the moment I am really being drawn to strong and vibrant colours...so my colour to inspire today is BLUE!


Source: unehorlogesansaiguilles.tumblr.com via Kia on Pinterest





Source: nordicdesign.ca via Kia on Pinterest


As you can tell images like these really helped to inspire the "winter living room" we created below.  It's strange that most people think of blue as a cold colour - when used like this in a room you could imagine hours sitting by the fire reading, or people watching from the window seats...warm and snug!

Source: None via Kia on Pinterest


Would love to know what you think of the design!

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