April 02, 2015

Interior Design: Baker Street

Interior Designers often get known for a specific project, for us it is the Notting Hill Penthouse Interior Design, it's an extremely striking project with a fantastic back story (that you can read here on Houzz).  We are now going to break down a lesser known project that certainly needs to be given it's due. Many people know and talk about the Notting Hill Interior Design as it features a show stopping floating bed, however not many know about it in this project even though it also contains the exact same bed. This project shows how it can look amazing in a completely different style of bedroom (if you would like to read about the Luxury lounge design we have a breakdown here for you, Interior Design Baker Street)


Once again the bed is a large feature of the room and really lifts the design. It also allows you to admire the floor since the bed isn't wasting valuable floor space. There are many aspects to this design which you would not be able to recreate without the help of  an Interior Designer.


DSC_0136 crop
Inset Framed Bespoke French Art


Firstly,  the floating bed required us to build the wall out to allow for the appropriate fixings into the wall so that it would counterbalance and not collapse when weight is put on it. We felt that we needed to find a way to justify this, as it is a lot of work to secure a bed when there are freestanding alternatives. Since the wall was to host a beautifully bespoke piece of art commissioned from France (the artist of which Kia discovered on a trip to Paris) we decided to give this piece a very special frame. The frame is inset so that the art work is set back into the wall. We also inserted LEDs into the corners of the frame which not only creates a beautiful lighting effect within the room, but also enhances the artwork greatly, picking out the depths of the grain.


LED Lit Frame
LED Lit Frame


The colours in the piece complement the rest of the tones in the room which have been brought through from the lounge design. This we especially picked out through the rug which looks so soft you just want to sit there stroking it.  The texture of this rug when the hairs are brushed in different directions complements the artwork surprisingly well.


DSC_0094 crop
Silky Rug & Soft Shadows


The long, elongated shadows cast upon the wooden floor make the room appear bigger as they frame the bed well. These shadows have been softened by the sheers which are brought through from the lounge. The black wire bedsides carry on that illusion of floating by keeping the lower level light weight. A number of different types of lighting have been considered in this room, with light being provided through: bedside lighting, wall lights, frame lighting, floor lamp, fire and pendant light. This allows you to light the room best depending on the task/time of day. The curtains allow you to completely black out daylight if you wish to sleep during the day yet allow light to flood in when open, making the most of the natural light provided through the large windows.


DSC_0133 crop
Beautiful Contrast & Organic Shapes


The organic shapes within the art work have inspired the light pieces which feature rich reflective tones and are pieces of art in themselves. The clothes stand also inherits this organic shape which adds some functionality in a very aesthetic way (when clothes aren't piled on top of it). They look rather powerful with the contrast created by the windows. To brighten up the right hand corner we introduced a cream round sofa which complements the linen on the bed bringing additional contrast to the room. This is also picked out within the painting which is hung above the fireplace.


DSC_0127 copy
Reading Area


Towards this end of the room we have created a cosy area which would be ideal to sit and read a book. The fireplace wall provides perfect alcoves for wall mounted book shelves on either side. Each is made up of 3 pieces, two walnut and one wenge which is in keeping with the bespoke wardrobes opposite. The artwork above the fireplace we have balanced out on the chimney breast by adding centralised wall lights. This helps to even out the proportions but also light the area so the artwork can be fully enjoyed. The bold frame of the piece also helps to even out proportions in relation to the fireplace, which is helped by the slate which is set in to the flooring where the previous hearth used to sit, it also helps in drawing your eye towards this area.  The round sofa, which has been used in projects since allows for slouching back with a book in the evening, while being lit over head by a floor lamp positioned behind. We chose a round sofa to complement the organic shapes within the artwork above the bed, but also to give the room a feminine touch.


DSC_0152 cropped
Bespoke Wenge Wardrobes


The bespoke Wenge wardrobe on the left side of the room work perfectly across this wall. They are full height which not only provides maximum storage space, but also allows us to continue the cornice along creating a seamless finish. The walnut and wenge are featured throughout the design within this room subtlety as can be seen in the frame above the bed. The mirror on the last panel next to the window is not only practical, as it allows you to see your full outfit, but also enhances the light flooding in through the window, and makes the room appear bigger.


DSC_0167 cropped
Textures In Perfect Harmony


To bring the room together, we paired a number of textures together that work in perfect harmony. The crushed velvet curtains which are a variant of the ones featured in the lounge work exquisitely with the wenge wardrobes and the rug. The contrast with the round sofa with its raised texture is very refreshing, which is then paired with reflective leather and quilted cushions.

We tailor our interior design service to creative the perfect balance in your home, balancing light, colour and texture to create a scheme that feels like home the moment you walk in.  Want to work with us on your project?  Give us a message to discuss your interior design project now.

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