September 15, 2016

Interior Design Solutions

Kia Designs presents you with an eclectic range of energetic and vibrant interior design solutions. With Kia Stanford - a genius London interior kia2-smalldesigner - heading us, we have established ourselves as one of the superior interior decoration companies in the city. If you want to decorate your home with an impressive appearance, we can be of assistance.

We Put in our Best Efforts to Come up With Unique Results

With the urge to create superb interiors, our experts help you in remodelling or creating your living quarters. Our team of interior designers help you with a variety of home styles including tiny homes, apartments and bungalows with proper finish of the walls and floor, electrical layout and more. Whether it is your drawing room, study or bedroom, our dedicated staff ensure the perfect realisation of your dream ideas. With the right materials, colour combination, and utility of light and space, we create a wonderful living experience for you.


Avail our Smooth Work Process

Our efficient London interior design professionals survey your site to create a tentative layout, which is then set up before you as a mood board. Following suggested amendments from you, we make changes and give you a list of contractors to choose from. We procure raw materials, arrange the work schedule, facilitate the storage of new furniture until old furniture is donated to charity and ensure timely delivery of the final design.


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Contact Us

Call us to book a free first consultation. Our London interior design experts will visit your home and help you to make your design decisions. You can alternatively subscribe to our newsletters and get the Investment Guide.

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