March 06, 2017

Jaw-Dropping Bathroom Design

That's what we were asked for and we are certainly looking to deliver. Having worked with this client's father on his Knightsbridge apartment our client knew that we would be able to bring her dreams for a very different kind of home to life. We are looking to create a bathroom the blurs the line between indoors and outdoors, bringing together her love of flowers and colour in a subtle and brilliant way. We want to bring the beauty and uniqueness of flowers in to a bathroom in an extremely permanent way. This is more than just an interesting conversation piece it is designed to leave your guests absolutely floored.


We have collaborated with one of our favourite mosaic suppliers Bisazza in Italy to create a completely unique version of their Tulips wall covering. It will flow from the top of the ceiling in the shower area, as it moves down the wall the background image will appear to wash out in line with where the water will wash over it. The lighter background colour continues down on to the shower tray where the background flows over from bottom left hand side of the bathroom and seemingly grow up on to the shower tray. It is both organic and organised in a way to hold your attention and provide the viewer with an also whimsical feeling.


1683-0242_Tulips_wallandfloor_16-11_20161116111422.609_X Our custom Bisazza design


Bathrooms can often be cold and unwelcoming, this bathroom turns that idea on it's head. It is fun and approachable whilst being fearlessly luxurious. This backdrop will require a quiet luxury from the other fixtures and fittings to make sure that they aren't 'fighting' with this mosaic as it is clearly going to be the centre of attention. Containing 18 different colours and a combination of traditional mosaic and hand cut, we cannot wait to see how much of a show stealer it will be.

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