June 24, 2010

Kia Designs Vision

"For my clients the aim of interior design is simple: they want to create a home they can be proud of, a home that reflects their personal tastes and looks amazing while doing so. However, interior design is a multifaceted undertaking and extremely time consuming, that is where I come in." - Kia Sunda, Head Interior Designer at Kia Designs

Interior Design is my passion, I pride myself on creating residential interior design schemes that reflect my clients interior design taste. I personaly take each project through the design process, from conception to reality overseeing every step in between. Each project and client is unique, this is both exciting and challenging, it means that with every job you can continue to grow as an interior designer - you will never be able to know it all and its this constant challenge that makes my job exhilirating. We at Kia Designs specialise in residential interior design and are dedicated to creating the home of your dreams!

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