February 22, 2017

How to Make the Most of a Small Budget

How to decorate on a small budget No need to leave beloved features behind when you leave


If you would like to know how best to spend and make the most of a small decorating budget,  we recommend a 1 hour session with a professional. We'll show you the best areas to invest in, both for return on investment and also to enhance your day to day enjoyment of a property.

Where to invest: Sorry but there isn't a cure-all list. This differs in each property, and will depend on the original state of the place and how you intend to live in it and for how long. But there are a few tips we can offer:

If the property has weird/unusual shapes:

Then you might be better off paying the extra cash for some bespoke items. If you can get a wardrobe built into a strangely shaped corner that nothing else will fit in, you will be increasing the functional portion of the room. If space is very tight, you might want to look at things like under stair storage, or platform beds. If the ceilings are tall, but the room is small, try building in wall lights so that you don't need to clutter the space with lamps on bedside tables.

If you are not going to be living there often:

Then you can save money on fixtures and fittings. Items like cheaper taps wear quickly and will need replacing, but that isn't an issue if you are only going to be there for a week every other month.

If you won't be staying that long:

If you'd like to invest in really nice things, but probably won't be living there that long, you can just take them with you when you leave. We're not talking furniture - take the oven and the chandelier. That way you can justify indulging as you'll get years of use out of them and won't have to recoup an investment. Obviously you have to replace them when you do, but you can take your Miele and put in Neff. Likewise, you can take your Porta Romana wall light and replace with one from Homebase. Just remember to do this either before the buyers come around to view, or make sure your solicitor flags up that those items do not come with the property.

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