September 14, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I adore using mirrors in my designs, I feel that they can add not only space and light to a room but also intrigue as what is reflected in them can often be more interesting than the mirror!  These are a few the I have recently sourced for clients - do you have a favourite?

Once again a first stop for me is Graham and Green, they regularly produce such interesting designs and the photography for all of their products is just beautiful - this makes me want to buy the lamp and chair too!

This beautiful mirror will actually be featuring as a feature piece in one of my upcoming designs, it will be over a gorgeous new Richmond style fireplace which should really help the interior design to pull together - I am hoping to get some beautiful shots once the project is finished so stay tuned to see how it looks!  Buy this at Lombok

This is such a breathtaking piece I can't wait to use it in a design, and at 122 wide it would be a gorgeous feature!  Available from Mirror World it is only £505 so doesn't break the bank either!

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