January 04, 2012

New year Design resolution - get rid of the clutter!

The New Year, I find, is quite a refreshing time: as humans we react quite affirmatively with any opportunity to seize a 'blank slate' or 'start again'.  The problem is that, whilst we are making resolutions and buying gym memberships, we are often not putting in place the support mechanism that facilitate change.

One of the most demotivating occurrences in my life is looking around my home and it being a mess.  The main contributor to 'mess' is not necessarily general laziness but the simple fact that you have more possessions than you have space.  Once you chuck your coat, on the couch on account of a full wardrobe, there is less motivation to place a used mug in the sink and you have already perceived your home to be a mess.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:

1) Built in furniture provides you with the maximum amount of storage for the space that you have

2) Take some of your less used items down to the charity store ... You will never wear that jumper!

In all seriousness, the way that you feel within your home will have a knock-on effect upon your ability to make a fresh start in the new year so, do yourself a favour and do a genuine and complete string clean!

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