April 06, 2012

On the search for... armchairs

Today we are looking for armchairs for a client, however they have to be

1. not too chunky

2. look good paired up

3. hopefully have a love seat version that can go in another area of the room

So our first option... The tweed from Beautiful modern thing. I like it, its got a nice look too it - not too large or chunky and the price is amazing

Next up is a little more masculine, again from Beautiful Modern Thing-  The Tullio.

Next up something a larger but still not considered chunky. I like it in this gorgeous velvet. Sennen from Sofas and Stuff

Okay so all of these are great on points 1 and 2 but they all fail miserably at point 3 - guess I am going to have to look for a separate snuggler chair!



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