July 13, 2011

On The Search For: Pendant Lamps For A Victorian Property

Period Properties Need Good Lighting

Lighting is extremely important in all situations. It can change our moods in an instant especially in our homes. I remember as a child being completely bewildered during a power cut. Being walked to bed by candlelight with only my glowbug to keep me company is a vivid memory and one that is entirely focused around light.

Period properties can often be large cavernous spaces and need good lighting to be able to take them from a vast space into to a fully functioning home. We find it is an essential when looking at the interior design of a property and is often one of the main focuses for clients when we look through inspiration images.

The C-word

However, it often worries our client's when we use the word "chandelier". There are connotations of to that word and they start thinking of a great big huge gaudy piece of crystal hanging above all their gorgeous new modern furniture. Fear not however, chandeliers (or pendant lamps we will call them for the sake of some of our clients!) can be glittery, glamorous and most of all modern.

3 Modern Chandeliers To Change Your Mind

These are all fantastic Pendant Lamps For A Victorian Property, they will make use of the high ceilings and will completely blow everyone away as soon as they walk in.

Polished Chrome and Crystal Pendant Diyas Maddison Circular 8 Light Crystal And Polished Chrome Pendant £696.00

I adore the chandelier above as it produces the prettiest most glamorous light whilst still being beautifully modern.

Fambuena Swing Lamp Fambuena Swing Lamp from 2modern

The lights above sort of remind me of cousin IT from the Adam's family but I still love them!

[gallery link="none" theme="photomosaic" size="medium" ids="24614,24615,24616"]

How can you not simply fall in love with this chandelier??!! The H2O rocks chandelier is from Zia Priven P.O.A.


Which one is your favourite? Which would you blow the budget for?

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