September 10, 2010

On the search for… the perfect chandelier

Specification:  Needs to reflect the light and not need to be dimmed to create mood as it will be the main light in a hallway. Although it is a Victorian house the ceiling are not particularly high so it needs to be wide rather than long.  Girly but not too over the top...

Option 1: From Graham and Green this gorgeous chandelier will be available in late September, priced at £375 it's a bit of a steal

Option 2: "Chrome with crystal drops halogen flush fitting, particularly suitable for low ceilings." - So the website says and I think they are spot on! And once again at £370 it's the perfect price

Option 3:  Very classical and will produce a wonderful light as it has 10 (Yes 10!) lights! Priced at £270 it is definitely a winner.

Which one would you chose?

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