May 09, 2011

On the search for...wall lights with a difference

Wall lights are always a tense point with clients - you either love them or you hate them.  I am forever asking the building companies I work with the take them out or put them in. For people that love them here is some inspiration...

Let's fly away....these lights are in one of my favourite places to relaxing in London.  The Swan @ The Globe Theatre on the Southbank of the river Thames - 2 minutes from the Tate Modern and a short walk from Borough market it is a great place to 'hang out' and relax on a lazy Sunday!  Plus these lights are so cute to look at in there!

Source: via Kia on Pinterest


These wall lights from Vaughan are so dramatic, I can't wait to put them on a mood board and see them jump out at you!


I have a complete obsession with Tigermoth's chain mail lighting - they produce the most wonderful soft lighting through a material that seems so hard.  Just beautiful!


I hope you have enjoyed this round up of wall lights!




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