January 26, 2012

Paints of 2011

For me design isn't about the "in" colours of the moment, it is more about the colours that suit our clients needs and personality.  Interior Design is extremely individual and no two clients are ever the same, in fact there are very few projects that we have ever specified the same products for.  With this is mind it can be very difficult sometimes to look at themes in design, however we always like to stay abreast of what will be available for our projects every year.  Part of our research includes looking in to paints, so we were very happy to pop along to the launch of Crown Paints colours for 2012.  What first caught my eye however was their most popular colours of 2011, as we can see there are a large selection of neutrals but I personally love the blues and greys in the bottom right of the colour board.

Next month we will be previewing some of the "big colours" of 2012 from Crowns 2012 colour preview as there were certainly some "interesting" selections, not necessarily my type of thing but I am very much looking forward to their autumn collection as I feel that some of those colours will be much more suitable for our clients!  )They were much more chalky colours whereas the spring/summer colours were very bright, some verging on the luminous)

Do I spot Pantone's selection for colour of the year in the image above?

These are definitley some of my favourite colours from their most popular collection.  Which ones are your favourites? Answers on a postcard..

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