July 07, 2016

Problems Post-Installation

Yes, they happen. It is unfortunate but not every product is always as reliable as we hope they will be. This is an unfortunate fact of life when you are doing interior design projects. We have had everything from lights that blinked (that are wonderfully camera shy when you try and film them!) to toilet brackets that are faulty to lighting who's transformers blow.  It is often always the way that it is the pieces that you are most happy with that it happens to.

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So what happens when things like this go wrong? Well, for the most part we are happy to help you and advise you but for the most part it's a waiting game - and one that can unfortunately be expensive.  You may find yourself buying another of the exact same item in the meantime but what this does do is save you a huge amount of stress. I am not saying that you want to pay twice for that stunning chandelier in the entrance hall but if it's your only form of light and it's now out of stock even the best negotiator is not going to be able to get the company to replace it for you.  A short term win isn't what you are looking for but if you're not getting dressed in the dark every morning that chandelier will seem like a small annoyance and not a huge inconvenience brought down to this world to smite you at every mis-matched shoe!

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I am very proud of being able to offer assistance to clients post work, unfortunately a lot of warranties etc are time consuming to be able to activate or prove that the problem is with the product. Even with all our connections and years of expertise in getting suppliers to replace products this doesn't always go smoothly. This is unfortunate but I do my best to make sure that clients are informed at every step of the way.

Also, as a note unless you fell out horribly with the contractors who did your original work - go back to them.  DOn't stump out £100 for another electrician to come out and tell you there is a problem. You know there is a problem! Your original contractor might actually be able to offer you a solution - even if it is a short term one. You'll thank them when you're not getting ready in complete darkness.

Update: The light was sent back to the supplier who has confirmed their was a fault in the light, when one of the bulbs blew it shortcircuited the whole light blowing out all the others.  We are now eagarly awaiting a beautiful new chandelier arriving on our shores towards the end of the summer.  So glad the clients get a piece that they adore back in their home 

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