August 30, 2011

Putting ideas together for a hallway design

Not to long ago we were coming up for hallway ideas for one of our favourite clients!  The interesting thing about working on a hallway is that, unlike in most conventional rooms, you cannot view all of the products simultaneously.  As a result, when designing hallways one must approach the design in a more linear manner - as opposed to seeing a room as a singular blank canvas.

The advantage with a more linear approach to design is that you can more comfortably bring in a variety of looks which look fantastic together - we will be using a gravelly wall-covering  (from Phillip Jeffries - shown below) next to a rather grand and opulent blind material from Romo.  This works because the blind is at the top of the house and the wall-covering is at the bottom meaning that their link only needs to be slight in order for it work.  This is a useful principle that may encourage you to be more daring in communal passageways and use a range of materials and looks within the same scheme.

Granite wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries

Odin Garnet from Romo

I am really looking forward to sharing the images from this project as it is going to have such an amazing first impact!

P.S. This will be the first of two posts today due to the wonderful bank holiday weekend here in the UK - did you do anything fun?

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