December 01, 2016

Refresh Your Christmas Wreath

The Christmas adverts have been on for quite some time, and the shops have that familiar cheer... The 1st of December has arrived so we can finally get our Christmas on, guilt free!

We thought we'd kick of this festive period with a how to on Christmas Wreaths. Whether you want to create a completely new scheme for your Christmas interior, or just looking to refresh your old wreath and rekindle that magical Christmas sparkle, here’s some festive tips to get you ready and prepped for the season of cheer...

This year it seems that its all about the traditional, with rich reds and greens, warm golds and frosty silvers, with the occasional injection of bright, flashy colour. But sometimes our traditional decorations can get a little tired and need some updating.

Traditional Orange Pomanders can brighten up any old wreath, and have the added beauty of bringing that beautiful Christmas Spices scent into you home. They’re also a great activity to get you in the festive spirit! Secure a few of your Pomanders through your wreath to give it that something special.

Orange Pomanders Orange Pomanders

Orange Pomander Refresh Orange Pomander Refresh


You can also revamp your artificial wreath by intwining live and fresh evergreen branches an leaves through it.

Evergreen Refresh Evergreen Refresh

Or go minimal and simplistic with an understated and elegant evergreen wreath using ivy and seasonal blooms...

Simplistic Fresh Evergreen Wreath Simplistic Fresh Evergreen Wreath


If you're not keen on the perishable aspect of the orange pomanders and evergreen, you can get a similar effect with some baubles. Go understated and classic with some plain simple decorations, or jazz it up a bit with some colourful glitzy ones!

Classic Bauble Wreath Classic Bauble Wreath

Something a little more jazzy... Something a little more jazzy...

Or if you fancy something a little less traditional, how about a simple bauble or pom pom wreath:

[gallery ids="23315,23317,23316,23311"]

And if wreaths really aren't your thing, or you fancy something completely different this year how about a novelty reindeer bust, which seem to be extremely popular this year, or perhaps a festive hanging heart. Here's a selection of our favourites:

[gallery ids="23324,23325,23323,23321"]

Stay tuned for more festive cheer and updates to come!

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