February 22, 2017

Regent's Park Before and After - Traditional with a Twist

We have recently completed a beautiful project in London's Regent's Park. The project involved a complete overhaul and reconfiguration of the top level of four floor townhouse, in order to make the space work more successfully for our clients. The existing space consisted of a large winding staircase, which was met at the top floor by a landing that unnecessarily encased the staircase, with internal windows that were awkwardly situated (one into a bathroom!) to let more light in. The landing led to a number of box-like rooms that were being used as storage rooms, an office, small bedrooms and a small utility room. As they were not a very effective use of the space, it was hard to use them as viable bedrooms for guests, as seen in the before floor plan below.

Floor plan exists of a number of unnecessary landing walkways and awkward rooms Floor plan exists of a number of unnecessary landing walkways and awkward rooms

Our clients told us that they hardly used the space at present except for storage. Their little boy was getting older and they had moved him into one of the bedrooms and wanted to be able to use the rest of the space more useable and liveable. They also wanted to have a space where family members and friends could come and feel completely at home in a space that was designated for their use.

We proposed reconfiguring the interior architecture of the top floor of the property completely. The awkward landing space and two of the rooms to the left of the stairs were to be knocked through to create more much needed space (circled in blue). Whilst access to the utility (circled in pink) was rerouted through the family bathroom (circled in grey).

Floor Plan Changes

The floor plan before gave them: two very tight bedrooms, a family bathroom, an office space, a storage space and a small utility. The proposed floor plan, which can be seen below, meant that they would have: two good sized bedrooms, a large guest suite bedroom with ensuite and working space, whilst still factoring in their family bathroom and utility spaces and giving them ample storage.

New Floor Plan

What used to be two boxy rooms that couldn't even fit a single bed into, is now a luxurious Guest Suite. This gives our clients a beautiful space to house their guests, creating a ideal space that gives them a little bit of privacy. It also a space that their son can move into when he is a little older and needs more space and independence. he bed itself can be lifted to stored large items, whilst built in cupboards allow for enough space for guests to unpack, as well as a little extra storage. After all, there's not such thing as too much storage.

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The awkward window that allowed a little bit too much to be seen in the bathroom has been boarded up. The much needed light instead supplied by sun pipes, meaning that you are no longer blinded by the change in light differences in each room.

The utility has taken a little bit of space from the large family bathroom and is now accessed through the slightly smaller but still well sized bathroom.

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The new little boy's bedroom is beautifully decorated with a stunning diamond patterned wallpaper that adds a little fun to the room, whilst still being sophisticated.

Children's Room

What was the only bedroom that could fit a double bed, has be completely refurbished with luxurious curtains and plenty of built in storage.

Guest Room

The installation of a new skylight freshens up and modernises the staircase. (Read more exactly what installing a skylight entails here)


To see the finished project in full, find it in our portfolio here.

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