August 18, 2016

What Does Being A Registered Interior Designer Mean?

For many industries there are some accepted facts;
You're a doctor in a hospital - you've been through medical training
You're an electrician - you studied and got qualified in your field
and with both of these they are easily checked, a degree or certificate can be shown. However, for interior design things seem to get a little murky.  Are all the people calling themselves Interior Designers qualified in the same way? Do they all have the professional skills to be able to take on your project?

I don't believe that every Interior Designer should have come to the professional at a particular time or through a very set pathway - diversity in all areas will benefit us all and you don't need to have studied at University in order to be a great interior designer. However, there should be some way of telling whether the person in front of you is up to the task.  The BIID have been working for many years to find a way of doing this, creating a professional pathway to be able to guide new designers throughout the years and now introducing the title of 'Registered Interior Designer'.



What does it mean to be a 'Registered Interior Designer'?

Ultimately it's a stamp of approval from the only national professional standard for interior designer's, the BIID. It means that, as a designer, you continue to learn and grow through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars, lectures and courses. That you have been vetted by other experienced designers in the industry over how you run projects for clients and how your systems work in order to uphold a high standard of practice. A vetting by those who have been in the industry and are looking to not only better the design world but also better you by holding you up to a extremely high level of service.

For me, it means that I will be able to further work with young Interior Designers to create an industry that is open to all and provides all who want to get in to it with a clear set of guidelines that need to be upheld.

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