April 26, 2017

Retrofitting Bespoke Bathroom Pieces

If your current bathroom set up isn't working for you, but you don't mind the decor or don't have the budget to rip it out and start again, there are ways of introducing extra storage or features that can transform the space. In our recent Wimbledon project we did just that, by retrofitting a mirrored storage cabinet into the vanity recesses in both bathrooms, providing far more usable storage for the clients. The storage was was partly hidden, allowing for a much more minimalist and clean look to the rooms.

The Bathrooms Before

The original bathrooms had large recessed niches where the mirrors sat above the sink.

Kia Designs before bathroom The bathrooms before

Whilst the ledge was great for storing products, it was all open and messy. The lack of a vanity meant there was nowhere for our clients to store the usual bathroom necessities that one usually prefers to be private. The budget didn't extend to new drawer units, and the space under the sink was being utilised for laundry baskets.

We suggested creating a storage piece that slotted into the existing space. We did something similar in our Cookham Dean house build, which was created by German company Baufritz, who manufacture modular homes (similar to Huf Haus) so we saw how easily and quickly it could be installed.

Our previous bathroom inserts


This method involves no change to the fabric of the building, so the original fittings remain and you don't need to alert the management team that you are changing anything. They also get made off site and slotted into place in a matter of minutes, so you don't have builders in your house for days on end.

The Bathrooms After

The mirrored space has increased, as well as the storage. The approximate cost of both cabinets to make and install was:£1700

Both bathrooms after bespoke vanity cabinets

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