November 22, 2016

The Rise of Patterned Flooring

Here at Kia Designs we adore patterned flooring. From a simple herringbone to a complex basket weave we have admired them all and clients are responding to it more with each passing month, we are seeing the rise of patterned flooring. There are many trends that come and go but we hope that patterned flooring is one that sticks around, especially as there are more and more beautiful options becoming available.

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Patterned flooring is appearing in wood, mosaic, marble and ceramic. We have been mixing it up with our flooring choices putting a gorgeous honeycomb together with an engineered wood - it was a challenge to install (as you can see in the bottom right!) but the overall effect was definitely well worth it. Our contractor couldn't have been more proud to be able to show off this finish to his family when we were doing a walk around of the property.

Marble is often the go-to when you think of patterned flooring. The herringbone floor of Sketch always jumps to my mind when thinking about patterned floors however it can often not be the easiest of materials to look after and can be easily damaged. For this reason we have recently looked in to porcelain replacements in high traffic areas.

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The entrance hall of our Knightsbridge Interior Design project is a fantastic example of this, not only does it use a porcelain for the main marble effect squares but the wood that criss-crosses across it is also a porcelain replacement. Meaning that this entrance hall will be gorgeous for years to come.

We have some exciting projects being photographed over the next few weeks and we can't wait to show you some more patterned floors that completely transform their rooms.

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